Parent’s Rights Issues

New consumer department for parents who have lost their children to DCPS agents.

CRD is opening our NEW Nationwide Children’s and Parent’s Rights Defenders department assisting parents and interested family members to file documents to force the courts to order the return of wrongfully snatched children by overzealous Department of Child Protective Services agents. This is a 24 hour a day hotline you can either confidentially message or leave an email at Call us today at 818.888-6557 and ask for Amanda or Sara.

If you children have been taken away by governmental agents, there are legal actions available you need to use to get a court to order their return in both state and federal courts. We can assist. This is an alternative to costly attorneys which you can do yourself with some assistance at our lower cost rate. Get your case into court promptly and let the judge and not DCPS agents decide who should have custody. With over 20 years experience in all jurisdictions. Attorneys available in some jurisdictions at your option.