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California’s Sup Ct Decision “Yvanova” Opens Doors for YOUR wrongful foreclosure case!!!!

*********From LA TIMES article …. for pro se litigants and law firms needing assistance. Some excerpts from Yvanova. We can be reached at 818.453.3585. CALL US TODAY AT CONSUMER RIGHTS DEFENDERS…. California high court opens door to wrongful foreclosure suits foreclosures- Nationwide!!!READ this LA Times article….note the BOLD/underlined highlights for emphasis. During the bust that followed […]

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CALIFORNIA VICTORY ON STANDING to SUE: Yvanova allows borrowers to challenge standing [in the pleadings] ….

Spring 2016 Consumer Rights Defenders NEWS DESK to our readers nationwide. Here is an article we developed which discusses the exciting results from a long appealed case in California just decided in February, 2016. The citation for you who like to read important Opinions is : Tsvetana Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage Corp. et al., […]

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Foreclosures in New Jersey [and all other states] MUST BE CHALLENGED….

From Consumer Rights Defenders Information Desk: to our New Jersey homeowners who need information…….if the banks don’t follow the rules they cannot foreclose: Call us for assistance with your matter at 818.453.3585 for free consultation. +++++++++++++++++ New Jersey Supreme Court Clarifies Information Required in Notices of Intent to Foreclose February 29, 2012 On Tuesday, February […]

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U.S. Bank Scandal….they cheated and lied and must be sued!!!

Read this delayed article just received from our network and call for a litigation consultation for FREE….818.453.3585 U.S. Bank Pays $200 Million in Settlement of Banking Fraud Case Thursday, July 3, 2014 On Monday, June 30, 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that U.S. Bank has agreed to pay the United States $200 million to settle […]

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California Supreme Court Finally Helps Cheated Homeowners – YVANOVA ruling Hammers Defendants

At long last, homeowners can sue based on illegal foreclosures. TSVETANA YVANOVA, Plaintiff and Appellant, v. NEW CENTURY MORTGAGE CORPORATION, OCWEN LOAN SERVICING, LLC, WESTERN PROGRESSIVE, LLC, and DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, et al, Defendant-Respondent. EXCERPT– TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION …………………………………. 1 STATEMENT OF INTEREST …………………………………. 2 ARGUMENT …………………………………. 3 I. CALIFORNIA HAS A […]

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Flint, Michigan folks who have been poisoned and MAY LOSE THEIR home, call CRD TODAY

CRD is outraged that our friend in Flint, Michigan are fighting a battle against their own government who has allowed them to be poisoned from lead contamination. Banks are foreclosing against those who have been poisioned. Let CRD hear your story as see if we can help stop the foreclosure and obtain damages, and do […]

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BREAKING NEWS: FORECLOSURE SALES Stopped in Calif, Wash, NY….let us help you. 818.453.3585

BREAKING NEWS: CRD proudly announces that 3 more foreclosure sales were stopped nationwide by using legal strategies successfully. Let us help you. Here is a sample of what we can do: **Peter T from San Marcos, Calif. CRD help save home. “We were facing foreclosure auction. We called CRD and with a few weeks they […]

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Privacy rights being given to government — ILLEGALLY….lets sue!!!

All citizens need to read this article which we stumbled across affecting your privacy rights being disseminated to unauthorized government sources….note para. c .  CRD suggests if you are affected it may be time to sue everyone involved in these civil rights violations now. READ THIS: The only person entitled to know your medical conditions […]

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Wells Fargo takes a huge hit – Punitive damages of $5,000,000!!!!!

Courtesy of Neil Garfield: Congratulations to the experts and attorneys on this. As Marie McDonnell states in the article reproduced below this case is important because it is the first time that Robo-signing has resulted in an award of damages for fraud. I would add that the lawyers must have done a fine job at […]

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Foreclosure TRIAL in 3 weeks in Spokane Washington…v. BOA for FRAUD

consumerrightsdefenders, on October 9, 2015 at 3:59 pm said: Neil and readers: Our clients are about 3 weeks from a jury trial in Spokane US District Court v. BOA for fraud, bch/contct and prom estoppel. The final docs have been files and a jury was demanded. BOA has literally NO defenses…their discovery was pathetically weak […]

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