BANK FRAUD: You can enjoin and sue to recover from…

Folks you have to see this piece from our TV news friends about the bank fraud perpetraited upon we citizens. If you want to join in a class action being proposed later this year, reach out to us. 818.453.3585 or

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MERS ON ITS LAST LEGS as we view it!!!

FEBRUARY NEWS ON LITIGATED MATTERS FROM CONSUMER RIGHTS DEFENDERS. – 818.453.3585 – Offices Nationwide We are getting some strong results on our “lack of standing” arguments. [Bank may not own the right to enforce the note and thus, lack standing to defend]. Some astute judges are “getting it” at long last. Lenders have been having […]

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NEVER TRUST DEUTSCHE BANK….the King of Foreclosure Banks

Feb 12, 2013      Let Consumer Rights Defenders help you sue your lender.  Deutsche Bank’s Illegal US Foreclosure Practices President Obama has announced programs to reduce or prevent foreclosures, but these will come too late for tens of thousands of Americans who are being forced from their homes by Deutsche Bank.  From Boston toHonolulu, Deutsche […]

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Our clients say: CALL CRD TODAY…

We called Consumer Rights Defenders. Within 30 minutes we had our documents reviewed and were able to get our strategies implemented. Our suit was filed right after that and we got a TRO [restraining order from the court] stopping the foreclosure. CRD helped us get a quality securitization audit  and we are pleased with their work. Contact […]

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ONE WEST BANK {INDYMAC} GETS JUDGED IN DC!!! Call us today for help at 818.453.3585

From Consumer Rights Defenders at 818.453.3585….investigate the accuracy of this article for yourself. Call is today for litigation support, attorneys and assistance. _______________________________________ UNPRECEDENTED CIVIL JURY VERDICT FINDS MAJOR U.S. BANK GUILTY OF FRAUD BANK BREACHED MORTGAGE AGREEMENT IN CASE BROUGHT BY U.S. GOVT. FRAUD INVESTIGATOR Jan 30, 2013 – Washington, DC: In October 2012, […]

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FDIC vs. Construction Lenders Jury Verdict: IndyMac Bankers Liable for $169 Million By Steve Nelson, J.D.:  December 10, 2012 Jurors awarded this $169M verdict (PDF) against three former IndyMac Bank executives for originating dubious construction and development loans. It happened last Friday in Los Angeles at the US District Court for the Central District of California. $169M Verdict Against Former Indyac […]

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US banks agree an $8.5 billion foreclosure settlement

From Attorney John R from Washington DC —– SETTLEMENTS ARE A FALSE HOPE FOR THE HOMEOWNER We follow this weblog and Garfield’s Living Lies regularly for the latest in current trends and information We are writing this to disclose a troubling trend of political deception about the real state of the housing crisis. As of […]

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Violate HUD and a TRO will be given by the court.

Recent California case you can find on Neil Garfield’s site Living Lies in which we cite an appellate decision pro-homeowner:  If the bank fails to comply with HUD guidelines [contact and work out payment issues with borrower] a TRO is appropriate enjoining foreclosure. We are starting our 8th year saving homes and helping borrowers fight the […]

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New Calif Law cited for you to review.

California’s Newly Enacted Homeowners Bill of Rights pursuant to California Civil Code sections, 2923.55, 2924.12, and 2924.17 Call us to discuss how these may help you. 818.453.3585 Ask for Steve or Sara Consumer Rights Defenders, Inc. Assisting homeowners and consumers nationwide.

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New Laws coming in 2013 in California making foreclosure injunctions simpler – Call us today!

California enacted and is now effecting new anti-foreclosure law that may help the homeowner starting January 1, 2013. Remember they are NEW and not yet subject to judicial review in any appellate court for a while.  Exciting is this fact:  Enjoining [stopping] foreclosures is going to be easier. But doing this is very complex and difficult. […]

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