About CRD…expanding our consumer services to personal injury matters.

We are a full service nationwide [in all 50 states] legal information and consumer rights group with resources and a full legal team of experts, attorneys and paraprofessionls to help you understand and then protect your rights. If you have been taken advantage of by business, industry, bankers or you believe you were injured by the actions of business or a person, you have rights that should be protected. In many cases your rights are a matter of simply knowing the public laws that protect you.

Our major focus is the banking debacle and fraud being done by banks who have been caught cheating homeowners. We can help you sue them on you own or by using our legal team of attorneys.  Rest assured, if your rights have been trampled on by these perpetrators, you can sue and not only stop foreclosures with injunctions but receive money damages under the laws governing your rights, rights that are a matter of public record, many of which folks just don’t know exist. Let us help you today.

Call us directly at 818.453.3585. CRD has opened its personal injury assistance department nationwide. For immediate help call or email to SNCR.Defenders@yahoo.com

CRD has opened its personal injury assistance department nationwide. IMG_0501

Ask for Steve or Sara when you call or write to us a

CR.Defenders@yahoo.com for more information.