9th Dist Ct Apps decides for CRD client Mr. Deck….read


Consumer Rights Defenders [818.453.3585] helps Mr. Deck win his case in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – Decis. Oct 26, 2018. Reversed and Remanded on the borrowers STANDING status. D.C. case no.: 2:17-cv-00234…Ct App case no.:17;16680

The 9th Cir.Ct App. reversed the judgment of dismissal in the USDC for the Eastern District of California. The plaintiff Deck was a signatory on the deed of trust but apparently not the note, but such status gives him under the Homeowners Bill of Rights, standing to sue for violations under Cal Civil Code sec 2920.5 [citing from the Memorandum/Ruling.]

Mr. Deck can now revisit the trial court and proceed in this case highly contested by Wells Fargo Bank. For more info, call Sara or Steve at 818.453.3585 and request a free consultation about your matter.

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