Fill this out for a FREE consultation and $500 credit toward litigation assistance!!!

New BREAKING NEWS and Offers for the Fall / 2017 -2018 for our customers / homeowners in need of litigation assistance.
Fill this out for a FREE consultation and $500 credit toward litigation assistance good through 2017. 
Send the below FORM by email attachment to us and give us a call. You will receive a free consultation from
either Steve or Sara, and get a credit after we assist with your first filing of $500, for your next filings. *
*The credit may be given over several filings. Offering pro se assistance to all borrowers and inquiring attorneys since 2007.
Basic Info
Homeowner First Name
Homeowner Last Name
Co-owner First Name
Co-owner Last Name
File Type

  • Loan Mod/Foreclosure Defense
Which services are requested?

  • Bankruptcy or Stay Lift defense
  • Forensic Audit
  • Foreclosure Defense [litigation assistance]
  • Mortgage Fraud Analysis Consult
  • Loan Modification [consult only]
  • Securitization Audit
  • Quiet Title suit
  • Sale Date Postponement
  • Stop Sale
  • Surrender Property
  • wrongful foreclosure suit [post sale suit]
Phone number
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Property Info
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Property Type
What is the current estimated value of your home?

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How many years have you lived in the property?
Do you want to stay in this home?
Mortgage Info
Loan Origination Date

Loan Origination Amount
Monthly Loan Payment
Original Lender INFORMATION
Current Lender/servicer
What is the estimated balance for the 1st mortgage?
Is there a 2nd lender?
Is the mortgage currently behind?
Have you received a notice of foreclosure?
Have you already received or tried to receive
a modification/ forbearance/work out from your bank?
Please provide your Note and deed of trust/mortgage and notice of default from current lender/servicer by email to


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