Time to Re-Read and SUE: The HOBOR- 5 years later.

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News Desk 2017:

For all who think their home is still vulnerable to crooked banking practices, please read over one more time the provisions of the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights. It still is useful but you must read it over again as many are starting to do. Use the address

from here:  https://www.calegaladvocates.org/library/attachment.224914

Let’s go over this law one more time and remember, you can sue for past violations as well as ones ongoing prior to the sale by the trustee. Don’t wait too long or the statute of limitations may bar [prevent] your claim. Different causes of action have different statutes which you can “Google” easily. You need to identify your state if not in Calif, the name of the cause, e.g., negligence, fraud, rescission, etc., and see if you can timely bring your suit.
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[CRD is not a law firm nor engaged in the practice of law by is a vast information
repository nationwide from which information can be obtained not easily available from general sources relating to all areas of consumer rights and laws].
*BOA just got sanctioned about 45 millon for selling a home while a BK stay was in effect.
*Wells Fargo just lost another round in court after a 2 year pro se battle in NY.
* BONY Mellon sued again for wrongful foreclosure by getting a state court in NJ to issue
a fraudulent judgment without jurisdiction over the case….after it was moved to federal district court.
REMEMBER, banks, servicers and their trustees absolutely cannot sell a property or issue any summary or final  judgment to sell if the court has lost its jurisdiction over the case or where a stay exists. If this has happened to you call us immediately for more information about your options at 818.453.3585 and ask for Sara or Steve.
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