BREAKING NEWS from ;the News Desk of Consumer Rights Defenders….December 11, 2016

Insider leaks this past week suggest that banks are gearing up for a new round of foreclosures in early 2017, now that the election is over. Chase, B of A, Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo are telling their mortgage divisions to get ready to pull the lever on mass foreclosures, especially those that have been pending for years. Their attorneys are being told to ” work hard to keep getting our properties back.”
This is troubling for honest homeowners claiming banks don’t own the note or were never in default and other issues that Mr. Garfield and Consumer Rights Defenders have pressed for years. California is making headway on this right to challenge with the Yvanova and Scarrietta decisions newly allowing these formerly disallowed challenges. Other courts are finally following suit.
It’s time for you to take advantage of this new judicial trend by filing your actions now. We have over 75 years of combined litigation experience nationwide.

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