NEW PRESIDENT means LOWER pricing for your services until 2017!!!

Consumer Rights Defenders — Rated A+ in customer satisfaction, nationwide.

CHANGE MUST COME…and it has. With a new administration CRD wants to offer you

a $500 credit discount for all

of our services you select.  Call us today and take advantage of this “New Start” special offer

designed to help homeowners in need.

We are here for you since 2007 helping you save homes and fight foreclosure and evictions.

Congratulations to our new administration and we hope to bring some hope that there can

be change for you against the crooked banks and loan servicers.

Call us at 818.453.3585…..ask for your FREE CONSULTATION when you call.  SPECIAL:  SENIORS over 55 get an additional 10% off on services of all

work after your initial services, so save today.  Ask for Steve or Sara when you call.

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