Neil Garfield and Living Lies were Correct!!! A view toward the future from CRD…..

From Consumer Rights Defenders:
Our friend and colleague Neil Garfield author, attorney and blogger on foreclosure issues is not a rogue voice in the legal wilderness, but that of a strong believer in what he was ultimately correct about;  the law must be enforced, and it was regarding Rescission as interpreted by the Supreme Court. But that is only the top of the iceberg. The overall issues run much deeper and intense, robust litigation is the only way to erode away judicial misapplication of legal principles. 

Its easy to fall into the hole of distrust in the judicial system, as it too, has let you homeowners down at the state and federal level, largely due to gross lack of or misunderstanding of legal principles that were never taught to lawyers in law school or in CEB programs lawyers are required to attend. The fact is that the foreclosure defense protocols are still a work in progress, not well understood yet by the bench and frustrating to many who sue their lenders. As on 2015 things have changed for the better, but there is still work to do, cases to file and judges to educate. It takes faith in the system, faith in the defensive strategies and faith in folks like Neil and our organization at Consumer Rights Defenders.

Confidently, we must all robustly move ahead to change the landscape, urge legislation favorable to the homeowner as has occurred in California and a few other states and keep on suing the banks. For those Biblically educated, the widow finally got the unjust judge to see things her way by sheer perseverance, didn’t she.

If you are in foreclosure, or facing a sale at auction or eviction by judicial decree, call us today for some help.

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