UPDATE on Janeece F. trial: BONY Mellon lied about document showing they owned the Note!!!

Follow up…Janeece F. in Calif has been readying herself for TRIAL in her action with Bank of New York Mellon who allegedly lied in Discovery responses under oath about the existence of written [documentary]  proof showing that  they owned her trust’s note and now are scurring to get the evidence in at trial coming up in a few weeks.

BONYM has no real proof they own the note and admitted they had no documents to prove it. Then suddenly they produce a non-employee who

claimed in his deposition a phantom page from the bank’s trust department shows the Note was deposited into the securitized trust….problem is

he was only reading from a page that had cryptic jibberish encoded on it. That was the ony evidence BONYM has claimed proved owership.

We will see if the court will even allow this evidence soon.

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