Banks planning an unprecedented rash of foreclosures, even if your Note was not theirs!

July 2014  NEWS DESK  Update …… from Consumer Rights Defenders, America’s No. 1 pro se litigation specialists. Greetings to our friends and homeowners nationwide: Over the past 2 weeks, 2 independent insiders in the foreclosure world have confirmed that coming  this fall and winter the banks are going to start foreclosing like never before without regard for many foreclosure protection statutes in place in many states and even if the Note they claim to hold is not theirs!

This shocking news has been confirmed by our investigation team. In a  case on appeal in California  a bank under a restraining order not to sell the property , did so anyway!  The banks are becoming ruthless even where court orders are in place. If course they cannot get away with this in the end. But they are trying and according to our sources, banks have become like manufactures who build consumer goods,  risking  the money  sanctions of our courts  to get the title to your home.  Its time to get your papers and game plan together and be  ready to sue.

And we are seeing some outstanding settlement results, like the case we assisted with, see our Blog, “Laura G” from a few months back who got a $52,000 forgiveness on her Note after they admittedly failed to credit nearly $14,000 from her in catch up payments and lied by saying this single, working mom never paid them! 

 We have been seeing some other significant offers from Banks, especially BOA who has been settling lawsuits left and right because they cheated homeowners by promising them reduction is  their monthly payments then foreclosed on them after they stopped paying for 90 days under the promise of this reduction. Our review of cases nationwide show courts boldly allowing fraud causes of action to stay in these cases.  But, your case must be plead carefully.

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   Happy 4th of July and keep us in mind when your bank turns up the heat on you this summer and you are in need of help. 

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