BAD LAWYERS ARE RUINING HOMEOWNER’S LAWSUITS…call us for a case review today.

From: Consumer Rights Defenders May 2014 Update:
“Bad Lawyers are Running Amok and Harming Lawsuits Filed for Homeowners.”
May, 2014-Newsletter to all Homeowners.

As we warned Americans in mid-2013,
foreclosure crush is back in full force nationwide.

Sadly, we receive phone calls from homeowners seeking help who have hired attorneys who

have promised a defense, but didn’t know how to do it. One woman from Florida and another

from New Jersey were literally crying after they shared there stories with Steve and Sara the

other day…..about how lawyers took thousands of dollars and then abandoned them or stopped

the litigation because they “were burnt out” or “did no discovery” or similar excuses. This is

unacceptable. Lawyers have a huge legal duty to protect their clients regardless of fatigue, or

ignorance. If you cannot find anyone suitable, keep looking. Don’t hire one based on promises.
ASK THE ATTORNEYS the following:
1. How many foreclosure defense cases have you done.
2. What results have you gotten. Make them show you proof.
3. What discovery in my case do you plan to propound for me.
4. What do we have to do to help you litigate this case.
5. Will you give up on the case if you feel like you cannot win.

Homeowners, this litigation stuff is not about winning, its about getting a settlement with the

banks and you can only expect this if you litigate diligently and get evidence against them.

If you attorney does not understand this or what you are talking about, its time to move on

or call us at Consumer Rights Defenders, where we NEVER give up and DO KNOW what is

necessary to help you keep your home. At the end of the day, you MUST have competent

lawyering, either they do it right the first time or you do it right with some help IN PRO SE!

Call us today at 818.453.3585. America’s No. 1 rated litigation support organization with

5  Stars in Customer Satisfaction. Ask for Steve or Sara. Our new bankruptcy division will

be opening in June, 2014.

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