Woman of the Year 2013-2014: Ms. Janeece F., Pounding the Bumbling Banker’s Big Shots!!!

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Congratulations to Janeece F.  who was voted our NEW CRD Woman  of the Year. Janeece  is pounding

Bank of NY Mellon in her case in Northern California.  The action is going on in Superior Court in Santa Rosa.

Janeece, who resided in her home in Northern Calif  was just awarded almost $1000

in sanctions against BONY Mellon for its refusal to produce documents and other

sins of omission that was a scheme hatched by their cheesy attorneys in San Francisco.

Janeece has been receiving assistance from CRD for over 18 months in her state court case.

She was sued for a judicial foreclosure, then she filed a cross complaint against

BOA, BONYM, MERS, et al. She is even doing her own depositions of the bungling

bank’s big shots, with our help of course…and so can you!!!
Her case is not unlike yours if you get serious. You don’t need a lawyer for much

of your litigation if you have us to assist. Eventually you will want one, but for now,

affordability is key. If you are ready to litigate and save your home, then,

give us a call at 818.453.3585 today. Ask for Steve or Sara. Helping folks nationwide

save their homes and rated No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction.

See our blog here about Laura G a single mom of three who BOA tried to cheat who

we helped to get a $52,000 reduction in her Note last year!

God Bless Neil Garfield and America in this war for justice!!!

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