Our Laura G gets a $52,000 reduction in Note vs. Bank of America

March Newletter Update:

One of our customers we told you about a few months ago, has confirmed that she finally settled in her federal lawsuit that CRD assisted her with.  Lora G, a single mom, received a reduction in her Loan by $52,000, a credit clean up and reduced monthly payments from Bank of America who took over $14,000 from her to bring her current after a horrible car accident that incapacitated her for a few months causing her to get behind on her mortgage payments. They received the payment, but never rescinded the default they illegally recorded. She sued with our help.  This is exactly the kind of results we have been pushing for,  for all of our clientele.  We can help you too.  Call us today at 818.453.3585 and ask for Steve or Sara.

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