WARNING…Banks ready to start massive foreclosure scheme…they don’t care!!!

From AP and Forbes-Feb 10, 2014:    [See our blogs on Living Lies Weblog: Garfield’s site]

According to insiders loyal to banks, officials at BOA, CHASE, WELLS FARGO, DEUTSCHE and about 10 other major banks have decided to start foreclosing on a scale not seen. The feds got their pound of flesh and got massive fines but that has not dampened the bank’s determination to take and seize all the properties have been on hold, some for years. Our insiders tell us:The new thrust will be rapid and without regard for prior modification promises.  Government sources are saying this may be the most ruthless attack on homeowner’s rights yet and result in sales efforts like never before.

***SO YOU KNOW: The only way to legally stop this is either bankruptcy, which generally only delays thprocess or by suing the banks and seeking an injunction which halts the power of the banks to foreclose. Consumer Rights Defenders has been assisting homeowners with this process for over 7 years during this mortgage crisis and they have been very successful.   

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