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WARNING…Banks ready to start massive foreclosure scheme…they don’t care!!!

From AP and Forbes-Feb 10, 2014:    [See our blogs on Living Lies Weblog: Garfield’s site] According to insiders loyal to banks, officials at BOA, CHASE, WELLS FARGO, DEUTSCHE and about 10 other major banks have decided to start foreclosing on a scale not seen. The feds got their pound of flesh and got massive fines but that […]

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The Glaski Case Revisited….Been Securitized? Maybe NOT…it may be VOID says Court.

MARCH NEWSLETTER TO OUR FORECLOSURE AND EVICTION FOLLOWERS WHO NEED LITIGATION HELP. READ THIS BLOG! “Reuters says:  Consumer Rights Defenders is the best litigation support organization we have found in America.” We can be reached at  818.453.3585  M-F from 8 to 4 PM PT. “BEEN SECURITIZED? Read this case we offer in our monthly newsletter.” […]

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