Our client Liz H from Burbank, Ca got her writ granted by Cal Court of Appeals stopping Sale

More great news from So. Calif this week as we report in Liz H. v. Wells Fargo Bank filed in Superior Court in LA County that

Liz H obtained a stay order at the 11th hour with her writ application

stopping the bank from selling her home pending her appeal of a rather strange case in which the trial judge

clearly did not understand the law and “make dozens of ill advised appealable¬†errors, ” according to Liz.

She filed her notice of appeal and soon,  she will be ready to file her opening brief with some help from CRD.

“They still have not proven they even own the Note or right to be paid,” Liz reported to us from the courthouse steps.

“I am not giving up or giving in. This is a battle and the war is ours to win.”¬† The court documents are available to see if you call us today.

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