Congrats to Kelley G in Visalia, Ca for getting a TRO supported by Consumer Rights Defenders!!!

From Consumer Rights Defenders, Americas No.1 litigation support organization…call us for your TRO assistance at 818.453.3585.

From Calif’s Tulare County, JUDGE STOPS SALE. Homeower wins again. Read this…..

Ms. Kelley G, received a TRO granted by the court in her lawsuit on 7-11-13. in case no.: 252440.
“Listen people, I could not have done this without CRD. I had a so-called foreclosure defense attorney who filed a completely goofed up complaint in federal court and I had to dismiss the thing after paying him loads for his shabby work. Well, after running into the folks at Consumer Rights Defenders and their attorneys, my life changed. I worked with them for weeks to prepare my suit and today, I was blessed with some positive results. The bank did not follow the law here in California and CRD knew every possible means to make the court aware of the corruption. I hope I can now get some REAL justice.
….Kelley G, Visalia.

If this gives you hope….call Americas best, Consumer Rights Defenders at 818.453.3585 today. Let us put our tools at work for you!

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