CRD Helps a Calif. Tenant Win Injunction and Stop an Eviction in Placer County on 5-24-13!!!!!

From Consumer Rights Defenders, Inc., Litigation team GOOD NEWS in California…

…in the case we identify as Jasbir B. v. Patrick F. from a Calif Superior Court case in Placer County from last Friday, May 24, 2013 , the plaintiff wrongfully obtained a default judgment in an eviction case. CRD’s legal team guided Mr. F, the defendant and he obtained an immediate ex parte order REVERSING the entry of default judgment and the court granted his Stay Order application on request. This is a profound victory for tenants fighting to stay in a home after a wrongful foreclosure. We are here to help you as well.

This outcome is what CRD is doing nationwide. When there are no attorneys to help and all seems lost, we are here with our litigation support specialists and in house attorneys to save the day. If you can find anyone more skilled, faster and cheaper, go get the help you deserve. If you can’t, call us.

Call Steve or Sara at 818.453.3585 9-4 M-F from all 50 states for assistance.

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