You Don’t Need and Attorney to Get Your Case Started

The idea of filing a legal action “on your own” should not be daunting, at least not if you have CRD helping.  Lawyers want thousands for a retainer and

do nothing that you can’t do at the outset to get the case in shape to be filed.  Here are some tips.

1. Call CRD for ideas on what you want to accomplish.

2. Let us help you with some ideas about your remedies we have used for years from our advisory attorneys.

3.  Pleading is an art form. If you don’t know how you look silly. Let us help.

4.  Filing and service of the complaint is relatively easy, but getting the defendants’ responses is very

technical and requires a hightened level of understanding and legal knowledge.  We can held there as well.

5. Discovery or developing the facts you need to win your case is the most important part of the case. We have

sets we use that target the issues.

Don’t be afraid to sue your bank. The fact is that banks are beginning to feel the hot breath of the judges coming down on them

and the best time to sue is NOW!!!

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